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Wedding Themed Canvas & Vases

Wedding Themed Canvas & Vases

by Roxi Phillips

Decorate a guest book table, or add a special touch to the bride and groomʼs table with these monotone decor pieces.

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1 hour
  1. Spray glass vases with Krylon® Primer®. Allow to dry.
  2. With a light pencil, draw freehand designs and/or a simple wedding related message onto canvas and vase fronts
  3. With canvas and vases laying on a flat surface, use dimensional paint to trace over pencil designs allowing paint to flow smoothly; allow to dry completely
  4. Spray canvas and vases with Krylon® Primer
  5. Spray primed surfaces with Krylon® Satin Ivory
  6. Fill vases with flowers and use as decor on a guest book table, or bride and groom table
  7. Canvas and vases could be used later as decor in the new coupleʼs home

Wedding Themed Canvas & Vases was designed by Roxi Phillips.

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