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Shimmering Holiday Votives

Shimmering Holiday Votives

by Krylon

Elegant, chic and always useful, these shimmering holiday votives can be customized with spray paint to represent any or all of your favorite seasons.

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2 hours
  1. Using the votive candleholder opening as a template, trace circle onto center of cardboard
  2. Cut out circle with a craft knife (this will be used to mask outside of votive while spraying only the outside)
  3. Lay template over opening of votive candleholder
  4. Tack cardboard in place with painter’s tape on the underside of template and the outside of the glass
  5. Spray inside of votive candleholders with Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Like spray paint in very quick bursts by lightly tapping spray tip and rotating votive candleholder quickly at the same time

    (Tip: Be sure not to spray too closely to the votive holder and change the angle of the votive holder often so that the inside can be completely covered)

  6. Let spray paint dry one minute between each coat
  7. Continue applying spray paint and turning votive candleholders until the inside is completely covered and the outside of the glass appears mirror-like and opaque
  8. Let spray paint dry completely
  9. Spray inside of votives with Krylon Brushed Metallic spray paint color of your choice

    (Tip: For smooth, even coverage, place votive on center of a turntable (i.e. Lazy Susan) and spin slowly as you spray very light coats of paint until desired coverage is reached)

  10. Add additional coats of Krylon Brushed Metallic spray paint as needed
  11. Let spray paint dry completely
  12. Remove cardboard and tape

Stencil for Votive Embellishment

  1. Use paper punches or a craft knife to cut shapes from non-absorbent freezer paper
  2. Coat reverse side with Krylon Easy-Tack Repositionable Adhesive

    (Tip: Strips of masking tape can also be used to create geometric shapes and interesting designs)

Votive Embellishments

  1. Adhere stencils or painter’s tape to exterior of votive candleholders
  2. Coat exterior of votive candleholder with Krylon Brushed Metallic spray paint that coordinates with the interior of the candleholders
  3. Let spray paint dry completely
  4. Carefully remove tape and stencils
  5. Apply freehand designs by using Krylon Leafing Pens
  6. Finish top edges of votives with coordinating Krylon Leafing Pens
  7. Coat lightly with Krylon Glitter Spray, if desired

Shimmering Holiday Votives was designed by Krylon.

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