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Pinecone Swag

Pinecone Swag

by Krylon

Your holiday guests will be greeted with glistening gold after hanging this unique and inexpensive seasonal project in your home.

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1½ hours
  1. For all three pinecones, thread an 18” length of floral wire around the bottom, widest part of the pinecone and pull tight so the wire is wrapped around the inside center of the cone
  2. Double the wire so the ends meet
  3. Twist the wire around itself several times
  4. Place pinecones on a flat surface that has been covered with a drop cloth
  5. Apply several light coats of Krylon White ColorMaster Primer, covering all surfaces of pinecones (you will need to turn the pinecones and spray from all directions to cover all the nooks and crannies of the surface)
  6. Let primer dry completely
  7. Apply several light coats of Krylon 18 KT Gold Plate Premium Metallic spray paint on pinecones until you have solidly painted the pinecones and can no longer see any white or brown or original wire color
  8. Let spray paint dry completely
  9. Taking all 3 pinecones in hand, arrange them so they are hanging from the wires and you are pleased with the placement
  10. Twist the wires around each other and loop to create a hanger
  11. Make a bow from gold ribbon and attach over the wire that the pine cones are hanging from
  12. Hang from wreath hanger on door

Pinecone Swag was designed by Krylon.

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