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Mirrored Swirl Ornament

Mirrored Swirl Ornament

by Susan Lowenthal

Your tree will reflect your unique and crafty style with the help of these Mirrored Swirl Ornaments using Krylon spray paint.

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30 minutes
  • Krylon® Looking Glass® Mirror Like Paint – Mirror Finish #9033
  • Delta® PermEnamel™ Transparent Glass Paint (2 to 3 colors of your choice, per ornament)
  • Clear Glass Ornaments with Removable Tops
  • Paper Cups (with opening slight smaller than circumference of ornaments)
  • Newspaper
  1. Cover spray paint surface with newspaper to protect from overspray
  2. Remove top of ornament
  3. Using 2 – 3 colors per ornament, squirt a short burst of PermEnamel glass paints into the ornaments one at a time
  4. Twirl ornaments quickly in your hand after each squirt
  5. Do not let them dry
  6. Shake Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Like Paint for one full minute
  7. Horizontally, hold nozzle of spray can against ornament opening
  8. Spray short bursts of Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Like Paint into the ornaments while continuously turning them in your hand as you spray
  9. Coat interior of ornaments very lightly and continue spraying until you have achieved the look you desire
  10. Place ornaments upside down into paper cups to dry
  11. Replace ornament tops

Mirrored Swirl Ornaments were designed by Susan Lowenthal.

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