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Icy Blue Ornaments

Icy Blue Ornaments

by Krylon

Ornaments can be used for more than just decorating the tree. Prepare your tabletops, mantles and more with stylish seasonal décor using Krylon spray paint.

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1 hour
  • Krylon® ColorMaster Primer – All-Purpose White #51315
  • Krylon® ColorMaster Spray Paint – your choice of colors (we used Satin Jade, Catalina Mist, Bahama Sea, Blue Ocean Breeze, Silver, Semi-Gloss White)
  • Glass Ball Ornaments
  • Candleholders
  • White Taper Candles
  • Clear Glass Bowl
  • Drop Cloth
  • Styrofoam Block
  • Wood Dowel Rods
  1. Cover surface with a drop cloth to protect from overspray
  2. Insert several wood dowel rods into Styrofoam block, space far enough apart that your ornaments won’t touch and you have room to spray paint
  3. Remove metal top from ornaments
  4. Turn ornaments upside-down and slide the ornaments over the dowel rods
  5. place candleholders on spray paint area surface
  6. Spray several light coats of Krylon White ColorMaster Primer to cover all surfaces of ornaments and candleholders
  7. Let primer dry completely
  8. Apply several light coats of Krylon Semi-Gloss White ColorMaster spray paint on candleholders
  9. Let paint dry completely
  10. Spray several light coats of your choice of color to ornaments
  11. Let paint dry completely
  12. Remove ornaments from atop dowel rods
  13. Replace metal tops onto ornaments
  14. Repeat spray painting steps with more ornaments using a coordinating color of Krylon ColorMaster spray paint
  15. Continue spray painting steps until you have spray painted all ornaments
  16. Display ornaments on candleholders and in clear glass bowls

Icy Blue Ornaments was designed by Krylon.

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