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Holiday Aprons

Holiday Aprons

by Roxi Phillips

Memories of holiday baking will be even sweeter if made while wearing these matching seasonal aprons made with spray paint.

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3 hours

Cookie Stencil

  1. Cut a large scalloped oval out of paper to fit the bib area of adult apron
  2. Cut a smaller oval with “missing bite” to fit bib of child-sized apron

Gingerbread People Stencil

  1. Use cookie cutters as patterns to trace onto paper
  2. Carefully cut out shapes with craft knife

Applying Stencils & Design to Aprons

  1. Spray backside of all stencils with Krylon Easy-Tack Repositionable Adhesive
  2. Position stencils on aprons
  3. Position letters stickers inside oval “cookie” stencils
  4. Mask all other exposed areas with newspaper and painter’s tape
  5. Coat open areas of stencil with Krylon Brown Boots ColorMaster spray paint
  6. Allow spray paint to dry
  7. Remove stencils
  8. Using apron ties as positioning guides and tape off a “belt” strip on each apron, leaving 1” wide strip exposed on childrenʼs apron and 1-1/2” on adultʼs apron
  9. Mask off all other exposed areas of aprons
  10. Coat “belts” with Krylon Banner Red ColorMaster spray paint
  11. Allow spray paint to dry
  12. Lightly outline all stenciled areas with brown laundry marker
  13. Embellish cookies and belts with dimensional paints
  14. Allow dimensional paints to dry
  15. Coat cookie cutters with Krylon Emerald Green ColorMaster spray paint
  16. Tie spray painted cookie cutters to neck straps with ribbon
  17. Trim ribbon ends

Holiday Aprons were designed by Roxi Phillips.

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