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Argyle Beverage Tub

Argyle Beverage Tub

by Roxi Phillips

Serve your summer-time drinks from this stylish beverage tub!

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3 hours (plus drying time)
  1. Prepare tub by cleaning it well.
  2. Mask edges and handles with tape.
  3. Turn upside down on masked table and spray with Krylon® Dual® in Banner Red; allow to dry completely.
  4. On craft paper make a diamond shape template.
  5. To determine the dimensions for the diamond template, measure the height of the tub between the edges, and for the width, the measurement around the center of the tub divided by 8.
  6. Adjust to best fit your particular tub.
  7. Use the diamond template to trace onto adhesive backed vinyl and cut out 8 diamonds.
  8. Position and adhere diamond masks onto sides of tub.
  9. Spray masked tub with Krylon® Dual® in True Blue.
  10. Carefully remove masks before paint is completely dry to avoid peeling paint.
  11. Allow to dry completely.
  12. Using Krylon® Paint Pen in Ocean Blue, outline each of the red diamonds; allow to dry.
  13. Using the craft paper diamond template you created in step #3, and a Krylon® Paint Pen in White, draw small stitches overlapping red diamonds.

Argyle Beverage Tub was designed by Roxi Phillips.

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