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Krylon® Rust Protector™ Mailbox

Krylon® Rust Protector™ Mailbox

by Krylon

Bring your mailbox to life by applying Krylon® Rust Protector™.

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1/2 hour
  1. Remove mailbox from post
  2. Remove flag and set aside
  3. Using an all-purpose cleaner, thoroughly clean the mailbox to remove dirt, oils and dust
  4. Allow mailbox to dry
  5. Use sandpaper to remove loose paint and to smooth imperfections
  6. Wipe clean to remove sanding dust
  7. Following the instructions on the can, apply several light coats of Krylon® Rust Protector™
  8. Wait 1 minute between coats
  9. Make sure the mailbox is completely dry before you reattach flag

Krylon® Rust Protector™ Mailbox was designed by Krylon.

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