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Wood Block Wall Art

Wood Block Wall Art

by Kathleen George

Make modern home décor projects for less by customizing this Wood Block Wall Art project with your favorite combination of Krylon® spray paint colors.

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2 hours
  • Krylon® ColorMaster Primer – White #51315
  • Krylon® ColorMaster Spray Paint
    • Khaki #52504
    • Ivory #51504
    • Blue Ocean Breeze #51512
  • 24” x 12” x ¼” Unfinished Wood Sheet
  • (11) 2” Unfinished Wood Blocks
  • (11) 1-½” Unfinished Wood Discs
  • (11) ¾” Unfinished Wood Half Balls
  • (2) ½” x ½” x 36” Balsa Sticks
  • Hanging Picture Hook
  • White Glue (e.g. Weldbond)
  • Fine Sandpaper
  • Tack Cloth
  • Coping Saw with Fine Tooth Blade
  1. Cut each of the two ½” x ½” x 36” balsa sticks into one 24” piece and one 11” piece to use for the frame around the plywood sheet
  2. Using fine sandpaper, sand the front and sides of the unfinished plywood sheet until smooth
  3. Remove dust using tack cloth
  4. Following product instructions, apply a light coat of Krylon White ColorMaster Primer to all the wood pieces, including:
    • Blocks
    • Half Balls
    • Discs
  5. Give all wood pieces a second light sanding with fine sandpaper, if needed
  6. Remove dust using tack cloth
  7. Coat wood sticks and plywood sheet with Krylon Ivory ColorMaster
  8. Coat blocks with Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze ColorMaster
  9. Coat discs and half balls with Krylon Khaki ColorMaster
  10. Apply a second coat of spray paint to pieces, if needed
  11. Use strong white glue (e.g. Weldbond) to attach wood sticks along edge of plywood (for a frame)
  12. Glue blocks onto plywood in a checkerboard fashion, using four rows of two blocks and three rows of one block
  13. Glue one disc to the center of each block top
  14. Glue half balls onto the plywood in between the blocks
  15. Attach picture hook to the top back of the plywood to hang

Wood Block Wall Art was designed by Kathleen George.

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