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Traditional Leather Lamp Shade

Traditional Leather Lamp Shade

by Pattie Donham

Transform any standard lamp shade or other tabletop item into a rustic-inspired piece using spray paint.

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1½ hours

Optional Accent Materials

  • Leather Punch
  • Leather Lacing
  • Hot Glue or Wire


When working with unfinished wood, prepare your spray paint surface by:

When working with bare metal, be sure surface is free of rust and oil before applying Krylon ColorMaster Primer to seal the surface.

When working with plastic, glass or ceramic, lightly sand surface with fine grain sandpaper and wipe clean with a tack cloth. This will help the spray paint to adhere better to these smooth surfaces. Apply a primer to further improve adhesion.

  1. Place project on newspaper to protect work area from overspray
  2. Spray one coat of Krylon Equestrian ColorMaster onto entire project
  3. Let paint dry completely
  4. Wearing rubber gloves, spray Krylon Leather Brown ColorMaster spray paint into disposable plastic tub to form a puddle of paint
  5. Spray another smaller puddle of Krylon Glossy Black ColorMaster spray paint into plastic tub
  6. Dip scrunched plastic bag into spray paint puddle
  7. Lightly dab an even coating of paint on entire project until leather effect is achieved
  8. Let spray paint dry thoroughly
  9. Using either Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear or Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Coating (if lamp is to be used outdoors or near a window), coat lamp shade for an added clear, protective topcoat

Optional Accent Steps

Lamp Shade
  1. Punch holes in top and bottom of lamp shade
  2. Lace leather through holes
  3. Tie leather together on the inside, bottom of lamp shade
  4. Repeat lacing on top of lamp shade
Papier-Mâché Box
  1. Braid leather lacing and tie off each end to form a handle
  2. Hot glue or wire handle to top of box

Traditional Leather Lamp Shade was designed by Pattie Donham.

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