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Stylish Storage

Stylish Storage

by Roxi Phillips

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4 hours
  1. Disassemble storage bins.
  2. Plastic items vary in their formulations. To be sure the plastic primer and paint will properly adhere, test in a small inconspicuous area. If the paint crackles or doesn®t adhere well, rough up all surfaces with the fine steel wool.
  3. Wash all surfaces in a solution of dawn dish liquid and water. Rinse well and let dry thoroughly.
  4. Paint all parts with Primer for Plastic and let set 10 minutes.
  5. Paint the top and bottom drawers with Satin Sea Glass. Allow to dry completely.
  6. Paint the frame with Gloss Classic Gray. If repeated coats of paint are needed, allow to dry slightly between coats.
  7. Allow all parts to dry overnight before reassembling.

Stylish Storage was designed by Roxi Phillips.

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