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Stylish Storage Boxes

Stylish Storage Boxes

by Roxi Phillips

Paint storage boxes to coordinate with your crafting space.

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2 hours plus drying time


  • Masking tape and paper
  • Personal die-cut machine
  1. Spray boxes with Metallic Brilliant Silver; allow to dry completely.
  2. Using vinyl and personal die-cut machine, cut strips with shaped edges to use as masks around boxes and/or lids.

    (Note: These strips could be cut with decorative scissors.)

  3. With masking paper and tape, mask off areas of boxes or lids to be left silver. Mask off label holders. Spray paint boxes with various colors of ColorMaster® spray paint, as desired. Remove stencils.
  4. Use a Leafing Pen to touch up designs, as needed.

Stylish Storage Boxes was designed by Roxi Phillips.

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