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“Rub-A-Dub” Bath Shelf

“Rub-A-Dub” Bath Shelf

by Annabelle Keller

Bath time is more fun with this adorable rubber ducky shelf project to help organize towels, soap and several small bath toys.

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4 hours

Wood Materials

  • Unfinished Wood Window Planter (Walnut Hollow® #11222)
  • 7” x 14” x ¼” Wood (for shelf)
  • 3-¼” x 3-¼” x 1” Wood (for sun)
  • Sandable Wood Filler
  • (6) 1” Flat Head Wood Screws
  • Yellow Wood Glue

Glass & Mirror Materials

  • (1) 12-5/8” Square Piece of 1/8 inch Thick Glass
  • (4) Mirror Clips & Screws (for 1/8 inch thick glass)

Rubber Duck Materials

  • Wash cloth & Hand Towel with “Rubber Ducky” Motif
  • (1) Large “Rubber Ducky”
  • (2) Small “Rubber Duckies”
  • “Rubber Ducky” Scrubber

Additional Materials

  • (2) Saw Tooth Hangers with Nails
  • (1) Brass Cup Hook
  • Soap Disk & Soap
  • Glue
  • Newspapers
  • Sandpaper – Fine & Very Fine
  • Tack Cloth
  • Painter’s Tape – 2” Wide
  • Contact Paper
  • Scissors
  • Yardstick
  • Black Marker
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Paper Towels
  • Saw
  • Drill with bit & countersink bit (to drill holes for 1” screws)
  • Screwdriver
  • Coping Saw
  • Plastic Bags
  1. Using coping saw, cut sun shape from 3-1/4 inch square of plywood
  2. If needed, apply wood filler to fill in any gaps on planter, shelf and sun
  3. When dry, sand all wood surfaces with fine and then very fine sandpaper
  4. Clean wood surface with tack cloth
  5. Attach wood shelf to bottom of planter with screws
  6. Spray paint planter and sun with Krylon White ColorMaster Primer
  7. Sand with very fine sandpaper and clean with tack cloth
  8. Spray planter using Krylon Gloss White ColorMaster
  9. Let paint dry completely
  10. Mark and cut (17) ½ inch wide by 4-1/8 inch long strips of painter’s tape
  11. Place the first piece of painter’s tape on the center of the planter’s front side, starting at the bottom and extending over the top slightly into the inside
  12. Equally space 12 more pieces of tape along the front so that about ½ inch is left bare at each end
  13. Place 2  pieces on each end dividing each end with 5 equal spaces
  14. Burnish all tape edges with a fingernail
  15. Mask planter top, inside of box and shelf with plastic bags and painter’s tape
  16. Spray strips and sun with Krylon Sun Yellow ColorMaster
  17. Let paint dry
  18. Remove tape
  19. Add waves by drawing a wave pattern on contact paper with marker and cut out
  20. Center contact paper pattern on front of box, aligning the pattern top with the box top and wrapping around the sides
  21. Remove contact paper backing and apply to box, burnishing all tape edges with a fingernail
  22. Mask all areas not to be spray painted blue with plastic bags and painter’s tape
  23. Spray unmasked areas with Krylon True Blue ColorMaster
  24. Let paint dry
  25. Remove bags and contact paper
  26. Following instructions, clean glass and spray reverse side of glass with Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint and let dry
  27. Center and mount mirror to back of planter using mirror clips
  28. Install both saw tooth hangers to top back side of planter
  29. Screw brass cup hook into right hand side of mirror near bottom
  30. Place cloth and towel in box, accessories on shelf and hang scrubber from brass cup hook

“Rub-A-Dub” Bath Shelf was designed by Annabelle Keller.

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