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Recycled Votive Candleholder

Recycled Votive Candleholder

by Krylon

Turn an old bathroom light fixture into a unique tabletop project that can fit easily into any home’s décor with the help of Krylon® spray paint.

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1 hour
  1. Cover your spray paint area with old newspaper or a drop cloth to protect it from overspray
  2. Disassemble fixture, removing wiring, bulbs, glass globes, plastic pieces and all other removable items
  3. Clean metal surface so it is free of grease, film, dust and lint
  4. Following the instructions on the can, apply Krylon Black ColorMaster Primer, using short sweeping strokes to apply several light coats
  5. Let paint dry completely
  6. Coat fixture with Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze Brushed Metallic paint, covering all surfaces with several light coats
  7. Let paint dry completely
  8. Insert glass votive holders and candles into each opening where light bulbs used to fit

Recycled Votive Candleholder was designed by Krylon.

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