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Ombré Lamp Shade

Ombré Lamp Shade

by Krylon

Enhance your home d&ecaute;cor with this trendy Ombré Lamp Shade.

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2 hours
  • Krylon® ColorMaster Spray Paint
    • Gloss Global Blue #53546
    • Satin Catalina Mist #53529
    • Gloss Purple #51913
    • Gloss Pewter Gray #51606 (or colors of your choice)
  • Lamp with simple shade
  • Paint brush: 1/2” nylon bristles
  1. Remove shade from lamp base
  2. Prepare lampshade by brushing away dust or lint
  3. Shake cans of paint according to manufacturer's instruction
  4. Test spray each can of paint onto scrap paper to determine desired angle for adjustable nozzles
  5. Using the 51913 Gloss Purple paint, spray the shade with the line of the main design

    Note: the closer you are to the shade the more intense the color will be

  6. As you move further away from surface the paint will be disbursed over a larger area and will appear lighter
  7. With 53546 Gloss Global Blue, spray alongside of the wet 51913 Gloss Purple paint design
  8. Use a paint brush to manipulate paint to blend colors, as needed
  9. Continue with additional colors of paint working from dark to light
  10. Paint colors on sample shade are in this order, top to bottom: 53529 Satin Catalina Mist, 53546 Gloss Global Blue, 51913 Gloss Purple, 51606 Gloss Pewter Gray
  11. Allow to dry
  12. Reassemble lamp

Ombré Lamp Shade was designed by Krylon.

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