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Leaves of Grass Wall Art

Leaves of Grass Wall Art

by Krylon

Create affordable home décor projects fast with ordinary painter’s tape and any color combination of Krylon® spray paint that suits your personal style.

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3 hours
  1. In a well-ventilated area, lay both canvases onto work surface without touching
  2. Spray canvases with Krylon Gloss White ColorMaster spray paint and let dry
  3. Cut out leaf images
  4. Spray leaf images with one to two thin coats of Krylon Semi-Gloss Black ColorMaster spray paint, letting paint dry between each coat
  5. To create Ivy Leaf and Nickel “stripes” on canvas:
    • Start masking canvas by running a stripe of painter’s tape down the length of one canvas on one edge
    • Add runs of tape to widen the taped portions but place some of those at angles on the existing tape
    • Make some taped areas wider than others
    • Leave random spaces as you tape continuing across the canvas
    • For additional effect, add tape at small angles away from the original tape runs
    • When satisfied with tape placement, secure tape by rubbing firmly over all edges (this will prevent paint from seeping under the tape's edge and ensure crisp lines)
  6. To avoid overspray of Ivy Leaf green into the Nickel areas, at about 2/3 of the way across canvas, cover the remaining masked areas by taping newspaper onto an existing strip (make sure you aren’t sneaking out of the masked line at all).
  7. Coat uncovered portion of the canvas with Krylon Ivy Leaf ColorMaster spray paint and let paint dry
  8. Use a clean piece of newspaper to cover the portion of the project surface that has been coated with Ivy Leaf green (secure newspaper in place by following the same instructions outlined in step 6)
  9. Spray paint uncovered portion of canvas with Krylon Satin Nickel Brush Metallic
  10. Let paint dry completely
  11. Remove newspaper and painter’s tape from canvas
  12. Practice spraying Krylon Webbing Spray on a sample surface
  13. Stand directly above canvas at about 2 feet away
  14. Spray a light coat of Krylon Webbing Spray quickly across canvases in one direction and then another direction, running off the canvases (go very easy at first, you can always add more)
  15. Let Krylon Webbing Spray dry completely
  16. Apply adhesive to back of leaves and randomly place onto painted "grasses"

Leaves of Grass Wall Art was designed by Krylon.

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