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Desktop Drawers

Desktop Drawers

by Vicki O’Dell

Put color to work for you, with a pair of mini-drawer units painted in a colorblock pattern with contrasting colors.

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4 hours
  1. Protect the work surface with newspaper.
  2. Photograph the storage and take to a photo editing software to map out colorblocking. (Or for a low-tech solution photograph the storage and print out the image on regular printer paper and use colored pencils to map out the colorblocking)
  3. Lightly sand all surfaces.
  4. Remove all dust with a vacuum followed by a tack cloth.
  5. Remove and separate the drawers from storage base.
  6. Paint all surfaces with primer.
  7. Let dry completely.
  8. Once dry, clean with tack cloth again.
  9. Paint the base of the storage with Brown Boots and set aside to dry.
  10. Measure and mark the colorblocks on the drawer faces.
  11. Beginning with the Pewter Gray mask off all of the colorblocks leaving the Pewter Gray blocks unmasked.
  12. Paint following instructions on the can with the Pewter Gray colorblocks.
  13. Let dry completely.
  14. Remove masking.
  15. Tape off all of the colorblocks but the Peekaboo Blue.
  16. Paint and let dry completely.
  17. Remove masking.
  18. Tape off all of the colorblocks but the Tomato Red.
  19. Paint and let dry completely.
  20. Remove masking.
  21. Let dry for several hours.
  22. Attach drawer pulls to the centers of each colorblock.
  23. Let cure for 24-72 hours before assembling all of the drawers.

Desktop Drawers was designed by Vicki O’Dell.

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