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Country Cupboard

Country Cupboard

by Krylon

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1½ hours


Remove glass panels, wrap in newspaper and set aside. Remove any and all hardware and put in a container and set aside. If the surfaces have a thick build up of old paint, use a paint remover. Otherwise, simply sand. Protect the work surface with newspaper and be sure to wear protective gloves and eye wear.

  1. Apply paint remover following package instructions to remove layers of paint - multiple applications and removals may be needed
  2. Clean all surfaces with mineral spirits to remove the stripper and last bits of paint
  3. Allow to dry
  4. Sand the cupboard with a coarse/180 grit sandpaper with a sanding block or palm sander
  5. Fill any cracks, dents or dings with wood putty following package instructions
  6. Sand again with a fine/220 grit sandpaper
  7. Remove all dust particles with a vacuum followed by a tack cloth
  8. Paint all surfaces with primer
  9. Once dry clean with tack cloth again
  10. With newspaper and tape cover the outer area of the cupboard
  11. Paint the inside following instructions on the can
  12. Let dry then remove the masking
  13. Mask the interior of the cupboard and paint the outer portion and doors
  14. Let dry and remove the masking
  15. Clean the glass for the doors, adhere the stencil with masking tape (or following manufacturer instructions) and tape off any areas that are not to be frosted
  16. Spray frost onto glass with a light coat. Let dry several minutes and then remove the stencil
  17. Reassemble the cupboard with new hardware and reinsert the glass

Country Cupboard was designed by Krylon.

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