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Antiqued Votive Set

Antiqued Votive Set

by Roxi Phillips

Transform plain glass votives into something spectacular with antiquing techniques and a touch of bling from spray paint.

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1 hour (plus drying time)
  1. Mask the outside of votives with tape and paper
  2. Spray paint inside of votives with Krylon Frosted Glass Finish, according to manufacturer’s instructions, repeating coats until mirror effect is achieved
  3. Remove painter’s tape
  4. Dab inside of mirrored glass with a fingernail polish remover soaked cotton ball – dab in random areas to achieve a worn effect
  5. Spray paint backside of stencil with Krylon Easy-Tack Repositionable Adhesive
  6. Adhere stencil to face of largest votive
  7. Spray paint with Krylon Frosted Glass Finish
  8. Embellish swirl shape with self-adhesive rhinestones

Antiqued Votive Set was designed by Roxi Phillips.

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