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Lounge Table

Lounge Table

by Vicki O’Dell

Bring the radiant color of sun-kissed desert vistas into your home décor.

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6-8 hours
  • Krylon® ColorMaster Paint + Primer
    • Global Blue
    • Surf
    • Sunrise
    • Sea Glass
    • Citrus
    • Bauhaus Gold
  • Painter’s tape
  • Frog tape - chevron
  • Unfinished, unassembled table
  • Vacuum with brush attachment
  • Tack cloth


  1. Lightly sand all areas of the table, vacuum off dust and then wipe with a tack cloth.
  2. Mask off the outer edges of the table legs and paint the interior portion with Krylon ColorMaster Citrus. Let dry.
  3. Remove masking and mask off center portion. Paint the outer portion with Krylon ColorMaster Sea Glass. Let dry overnight.

Table Top

  1. Mask off a border of about 3 inches around the table top paint the border with Krylon ColorMaster Surf. Let dry.
  2. Create the chevron border with Frog tape and tape off border and center of the table. Paint the chevron border Krylon ColorMaster Bauhaus Gold. Let dry.
  3. Tape off the outer border and the chevron border and paint the center of the table Krylon ColorMaster Sunrise. Let dry overnight.
  4. Allow the paint to cure for 24-72 hours before assembling. Assemble according to package instructions.

Designer’s Tip

Giving the paint 24-72 hours for cure time makes the surface of the paint harder and less likely to be scratched or marked during assembly.

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