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Chevron Side Table

Chevron Side Table

by Roxi Phillips

Make any piece of furniture the new focal point of a room by adding a stylish chevron design with the help of Krylon® spray paint.

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4 hours (plus drying time)
  1. Prepare flat-sided container by cleaning thoroughly
  2. According to product instructions, coat flat-sided container with Krylon White ColorMaster Primer
  3. Allow primer to dry
  4. Coat flat-sided container with Krylon Satin Island Splash ColorMaster spray paint
  5. Repeat coats until desired coverage is achieved
  6. Allow spray paint to dry
  7. With a ruler and pencil, draw a chevron shape pattern onto masking paper (chevron on the samples have 90 degree angles and 1-1/2” wide stripes)
  8. Cut out the bottom edge of chevron with craft scissors to use as a template
  9. Using template as a guide, mask off all areas that will remain Satin Island Splash and leave 1-1/2” open chevron
  10. Coat masked flat-sided container with Krylon White ColorMaster Primer
  11. Allow spray paint to dry
  12. Coat chevrons with several light coats of Krylon Pumpkin Orange ColorMaster spray paint
  13. Apply thin coats of spray paint until desired coverage is achieved, letting spray paint dry between each coat
  14. Allow spray paint to dry completely
  15. Remove masking paper and tape

Chevron Side Table was designed by Roxi Phillips.

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