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Chalk Chest

Chalk Chest

by Krylon

Declutter your life and add a stylish flair to your home decor with a simple chest and a can of Krylon® spray paint.

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3 hours
  1. Remove drawers from chest
  2. Wipe chest surface clean
  3. Let chest surface dry, if applicable
  4. Coat chest surface with Krylon ColorMaster spray paint color to match your home décor
  5. Remove drawer knobs, if applicable
  6. Wipe drawer surfaces clean
  7. Let drawers dry, if applicable
  8. Create border around the front of each drawer with painter’s tape
  9. Spray paint several coats of Krylon Chalkboard spray paint inside the taped area
  10. Once completely dry, reattach drawer knobs (if applicable) and reinsert drawers into chest
  11. Using chalk, identify drawer contents

Chalk Chest was designed by Krylon.

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