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Spray Painting Best Practices

Spray painting is a fun, fast and easy way to complete your indoor and outdoor projects. Before adding your first coat of Krylon® spray paint to your project, make sure you have adapted your surroundings, prepared your project surface and ascertained that adequate ventilation exists.

Take a moment prior to spraying and review these 10 simple tips to ensure your spray painting project is a success:

  1. Start with a clean, dry surface.

    Ordinary household detergents or mineral spirits usually do the job. Be sure to sand or scrape glossy or hard surfaces to improve adhesion and use a primer whenever possible. Remove rust with a wire brush.

  2. Use in good weather.

    Ideally, temperatures should be between 50°F and 90°F, and relative humidity is below 85%. Avoid painting in direct sunlight and hot, humid weather.

  3. Be aware of spray paint recoat times.

    Recoat time is stated in the directions on the can.

  4. Test your spray paint and painting technique.

    Ensure a smooth, even spray paint application by testing your paint and painting technique on a scrap surface or inconspicuous area before beginning your project.

  5. Motion matters.

    Always begin and finish spraying off the object, using an even side-to-side motion with each pass overlapping your spray pattern by about one-third.

  6. Take your time.

    Use thin, multiple coats instead of one thick coat.

  7. Avoid overspray.

    Mask exposed areas with tape or use a drop cloth.

  8. Ventilate.

    When spray painting indoors, always ventilate your room well by opening windows and doors. A fan may also help to keep air circulating.

  9. Clean spray paint valve after use.

    Turn can upside down and spray for 5 seconds. This helps prevent the spray tip from clogging.

  10. Read directions thoroughly.

    Before beginning your project, be sure to read the directions on the can.

Still have questions about the proper use of spray painting? Contact Krylon at 1.800.4KRYLON or through the Krylon Contact Us Form.